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The structures of Micrococcus lysodeikticus catalase, its ferryl intermediate (compound II) and NADPH complex

By G N Murshudov, A I Grebenko, J A Brannigan, A A Antson, V V Barynin, G G Dodson, Z Dauter, K S Wilson and W R Melik-Adamyan


The crystal structure of the bacterial catalase from Micrococcus lysodeikticus has been refined using the gene-derived sequence both at 0.88 Angstrom resolution using data recorded at 110 K and at 1.5 Angstrom resolution with room-temperature data. The atomic resolution structure has been refined with individual anisotropic atomic thermal parameters. This has revealed the geometry of the haem and surrounding protein, including many of the H atoms, with unprecedented accuracy and has characterized functionally important hydrogen-bond interactions in the active site. The positions of the H atoms are consistent with the enzymatic mechanism previously suggested for beef liver catalase. The structure reveals that a 25 Angstrom long channel leading to the haem is filled by partially occupied water molecules, suggesting an inherent facile access to the active site. In addition, the structures of the ferryl intermediate of the catalase, the so-called compound II, at 1.96 Angstrom resolution and the catalase complex with NADPH at 1.83 Angstrom resolution have been determined. Comparison of compound II and the resting state of the enzyme shows that the binding of the O atom to the iron (bond length 1.87 Angstrom) is associated with increased haem bending and is accompanied by a distal movement of the iron and the side chain of the proximal tyrosine. Finally, the structure of the NADPH complex shows that the cofactor is bound to the molecule in an equivalent position to that found in beef liver catalase, but that only the adenine part of NADPH is visible in the present structure

Year: 2002
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