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Determination of the copper layer thickness in spin valves by grazing incidence x-ray fluorescence\ud

By T.P.A. Hase, B.K. Tanner, P. Ryan, C.H. Marrows and B.J. Hickey


We show that at the standard laboratory wavelength\ud of CuKα the scattering factors of Cu and Ni(-0.8)Fe(-0.2) are\ud identical, thereby making it impossible to distinguish the\ud boundary of the Cu spacer layer in a Cdpermalloy spin valve\ud structure from grazing incidence x-ray reflectivity curves. Use of grazing incidence fluorescence, in conjunction with x-ray reflectivity provides sufficient information to control the Cu layer thickness. We demonstrate the technique on two spin valves with Cu spacer layers differing in thickness by a factor\ud of 2.5

Year: 1998
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