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Planktic foraminifera abundance of Hole 4-29

By W H Blow, Richard G Bader and Robert D Gerard
Topics: 4-29; Abundance estimate; Candeina nitida nitida; Caribbean Sea/BASIN; Deep Sea Drilling Project; DEPTH, sediment/rock; DRILL; Drilling/drill rig; DSDP; Globigerina decoraperta; Globigerina eggeri eggeri; Globigerina falconensis; Globigerinoides bollii; Globigerinoides conglobatus conglobatus; Globigerinoides elongatus; Globigerinoides fistulosus; Globigerinoides obliquus extremus; Globigerinoides quadrilobatus; Globigerinoides quadrilobatus fistulosus; Globigerinoides quadrilobatus sacculifer; Globigerinoides ruber; Globorotalia acostaensis; Globorotalia acostaensis acostaensis; Globorotalia acostaensis humerosa; Globorotalia acostaensis pseudopima; Globorotalia crassaformis crassaformis; Globorotalia crassaformis crassula; Globorotalia crassaformis ronda; Globorotalia crassaformis viola; Globorotalia crassula conomiozea; Globorotalia crassula crassula; Globorotalia crassula viola; Globorotalia cultrata; Globorotalia cultrata exilis; Globorotalia fimbriata; Globorotalia miocenica; Globorotalia multicamerata; Globorotalia tosaensis tenuitheca; Globorotalia truncatulinoides truncatulinoides; Globorotalia tumida tumida; Globorotalia ungulata; Glomar Challenger; Hastigerina siphonifera siphonifera; Leg4; ODP sample designation; Orbulina sp.; Pulleniatina obliquiloculata finalis; Pulleniatina obliquiloculata obliquiloculata; Sample code/label; Sphaeroidinella dehiscens dehiscens; Stratigraphy
Publisher: PANGAEA
Year: 2005
DOI identifier: 10.1594/PANGAEA.240052
OAI identifier:
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