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An artefact repository to support distributed software engineering

By David Nutter, Cornelia Boldyreff and Stephen Rank


The Open Source Component Artefact Repository (OSCAR)\ud system is a component of the GENESIS platform designed to\ud non-invasively inter-operate with work-flow management systems, development tools and existing repository systems to support a distributed software engineering team working collaboratively. Every artefact possesses a collection of associated meta-data, both standard and domain-specific presented as an XML document. Within OSCAR, artefacts are made aware of changes to related artefacts using notifications, allowing them to modify their own meta-data actively in contrast to other software repositories where users must perform all and any modifications, however trivial.\ud This recording of events, including user interactions provides a complete picture of an artefact's life from creation to (eventual) retirement with the intention of supporting collaboration both amongst the members of the software engineering team and agents acting on their behalf

Topics: G600 Software Engineering
Year: 2003
OAI identifier:

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