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Quantum diagonalization of Hermitean matrices

By S. Weigert


To measure an observable of a quantum mechanical system leaves it in one of its eigenstates and the result of the measurement is one of its eigenvalues. This process is shown to be a computational resource: Hermitean (N ×N) matrices can be diagonalized, in principle, by performing appropriate quantum mechanical measurements. To do so, one considers the given matrix as an observable of a single spin with appropriate length s which can be measured using a generalized Stern-Gerlach apparatus. Then, each run provides one eigenvalue of the observable. As the underlying working principle is the `collapse of the wavefunction' associated with a measurement, the procedure is neither a digital nor an analogue calculation - it defines thus a new example of a quantum mechanical method of computation

Year: 2001
DOI identifier: 10.1088/0305-4470
OAI identifier:

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