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Non-parametric models in the monitoring of engine performance and condition: Part 1: modelling of non-linear engine processes

By P J Jacob, Fengshou Gu and Andrew Ball


This paper proposes the use of radial basis function (RBF) networks in the modelling of non-linear engine processes. A pertinent application of such a model is the reconstruction of cylinder pressure based upon the instantaneous angular velocity of the engine crankshaft. Distinction is made between parametric and non-parametric models and applications to which each is suited. The structure of an RBF model is presented and the use of this model in combustion pressure reconstruction is discussed. The paper concludes with a treatment of the practicalities associated with the implementation of an RBF model to typify a non-linear engine process

Topics: T1, TL
Publisher: Professional Engineering Publishing
Year: 1999
OAI identifier:

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