Letter Written by Edith Speert to Victor A. Speert Dated December 25, 1944


[Transcription begins] Not Sun. nite 12/24, but Mon. morn 12/25 with a hang-over! Dearest— Yesterday, I made a steak dinner for just our family—shrimp, steaks, mushrooms, Fr. fries, tossed salad & wine jello for dessert! They all admitted I could cook! Then, Sanf & Fred came over & we went down [to] the “rec” room & made a fire. Also took the tree & all 50 gifts down there. We all sat around the fire, roasted weinies [sic], talked & drank champagne. Sanf, Vic, Dad & I finished a qt. & dammit, I didn’t even get drunk! Had a few Scotch besides, but I really must be getting to be a drinker—hardly felt the stuff at all! At midnite, Dad played Santa Claus & handed out the gifts! Honey, darling, you can’t possibly imagine how funny he was! He was hysterical & we all had lots of fun! I only wish I was lots more drunk, so I could have really, really acted silly, altho I did quite well for myself. Uk got a “mess of gifts which she’ll no doubt write you about. Sanf got stationery (2 boxes) & Vita Fluff from Uk & self, and a tie from Mom & Dad. Fred got a picture of Uk & a book from us. Mom got a bl. bag from Dad & a fascinator from Uk & self & stationery from Sanf. Dad got a muffler from Sanf, gloves from Mom & a tie rack & after shave lotion from Uk & self. Now, for my “haul.” Boy, was I surprised when I got a gorgeous white slip & a lovely pr. of pink silk pjs from no one else than you—gosh, honey, did you really write Mom to get me that? Gosh, I nearly fell through the floor! Sanf got me an umbrella, your folks got me an ugly smock which I shall exchange & Sadie & Max got me a yellow sport shirt that is “out of this world.” Mom & Dad got me 2 prs. of lovely flannel pjs, “Whisper” cologne, the “$10.00 girdle I adored, another ugly smock (to be exchanged) & Uk got me alot [sic] of little things I need like toothpaste, stamps, hand cream, & “Bond 31” [?] cologne, 2 boxes stationery (this is one of them) & bed socks. I guess that gets almost everything. I bought Ukie “I’ll See You Again” cause it is just about my favorite song. Good-bye for now, dear. Longer letter follows this afternoon. Yours, Edith P.S. Must have been drunk—tried slip, girdle, etc. on in front of everyone. [Transcription ends

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