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Building secured XML real-time interactive data exchange architecture - a comparison test between TCP vs. UDP protocols performance/

By Y.E. Rabadi and Joan Lu


This research seeks to introduce architecture of new approach of exchanging XML data files between different Services. The importance of this study is to set new protocol standards of interchanging XML data files between different nodes and types of businesses. The main objective and goal of this study is to transmit XML data file in a secured manner coupled with reliability, quality of communication, independent, scalable and flexibility. Therefore, this architecture designed to minimize the risk of any alteration, data loss, data abuse, data misuse of an XML critical business data information been exchanged. As cloud computing, using existing cloud network infrastructure to get advantage of the scalability, operational efficiency, and control of data flow are big consideration in this architecture. A test has been made to measure the performance of RIDX, one by using TCP protocol, and one by UDP protocol. As a result, starting from 4 nodes up to 8 nodes in the cloud, RIDX architecture performance of UDP showed better performance than TCP, but using TCP assures the reliability and lossless of data transmission to all nodes, in addition, RIDX is reliable multicast transmission

Topics: T1, Q1
Publisher: University of Huddersfield
Year: 2009
OAI identifier:

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