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Chloro- and alkyltitanium complexes of a new dianionic ancillary ligand: A linked amidinate-amide

By WJ Wouter van Meerendonk, K Schröder, EAC Brussee, A Meetsma, B Hessen and JH Teuben


The lithium amidinate [Me3SiNC(Ph)N(CH2)3N(Me)SiMe3]Li(THF) (2), with a pendant methyl(trimethylsilyl)amine functionality, was prepared and found to react with [TiCl4(THF)2] to give the titanium amidinate-amide dichloride complex [2,1-Me3SiNC(Ph)N(CH2)3NMe]TiCl2 (3) by elimination of LiCl and Me3SiCl. The elimination of Me3SiCl from the cyclopentadienyl derivative Cp[2-Me3SiNC(Ph)N(CH2)3N(SiMe3)Me]TiCl2 (5) to give Cp[2,1-Me3SiNC(Ph)N(CH2)3NMe]TiCl (4) is much less favorable, and was found to be readily reversible. Dialkyltitanium complexes [2,1-Me3SiNC(Ph)N(CH2)3NMe]Ti(CH2R)2 [R = Ph (6), SiMe3 (7)] were prepared, but could not be activated for catalytic ethene polymerization

Publisher: Wiley-VCH Verlag
Year: 2003
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