Terrorism Throughout the Ages : A Conceptual Historical Analysis of Terrorism


The following is an assignment about the use of the word terrorism throughout history. This assignment contains a conceptual historical analysis of the term terrorism. The aim of this assignment is the following: To discern, through a conceptual historical analysis, how the term terrorism has been used and how the meanings of the term terrorism has changed in time. To provide an answer to this thesis is the assignment tries to answer the following questions: 1) How can conceptual historical analysis be applied to the term terrorism? 2) How can the term terrorism be defined? 3) How has the term terrorism been used throughout history, with specific focus on the academic world and even some contemporary texts? 4) Is it possible to point out some clear changes in the use of the term from the moment of its first use until current time? 5) Which meanings has the term terrorism received and how are these meanings associated with the term terrorism? The assignment initially highlights different theories on conceptual historical research as well as links these theories to the actual term terrorism. After this some difficulties with defining terrorism as a term are pointed out and the impact this has on research within the field of terrorism. Following this is the actual analytical part which is split into three parts; the use of terrorism throughout history, implied terrorism before the term was coined and in fiction, and lastly some examples of the use of terrorism taken from older texts

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