Supramolecular spectrally encoded microgels with double strand probes for absolute and direct miRNA fluorescence detection at high sensitivity


We present novel microgels as a particle-based suspension array for direct and absolute microRNA (miRNA) detection. The microgels feature a flexible molecular architecture, antifouling properties, and enhanced sensitivity with a large dynamic range of detection. Specifically, they possess a core-shell molecular architecture with two different fluorescent dyes for multiplex spectral analyses and are endowed with a fluorescent probe for miRNA detection. Encoding and detection fluorescence signals are distinguishable by nonoverlapping emission spectra. Tunable fluorescence probe conjugation and emission confinement on single microgels allow for ultrasensitive miRNA detection. Indeed, the suspension array has high selectivity and sensitivity with absolute quantification, a detection limit of 10(-15) M, a dynamic range from 10(-9) to 10(-15) M, and higher accuracy than qRT-PCR. The antifouling properties of the microgels also permit the direct measurement of miRNAs in serum, without sample pretreatment or target amplification. A multiplexed assay has been tested for a set of miRNAs chosen as cancer biomarkers

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