Monoclonal antibody OKT3-induced T cell proliferation: differential role of HLA class II determinants expressed by T cells and monocytes.


Monoclonal antibodies (MAb) to monomorphic determinants of HLA Class II antigens inhibit monocyte-dependent T cell proliferation induced by MAb OKT3 to a different extent, suggesting a differential regulatory role of the corresponding determinants in T cell proliferation. To elucidate the mechanism(s) underlying this pattern, the MAb CR10-343 and Q5/6 with high inhibitory effect and MAb CR11-462 and CR12-356 with low inhibitory effect were characterized. Cross-inhibition studies showed that the four MAb recognize distinct determinants. The determinants recognized by MAb CR10-343 and CR12-462 are spatially close. The determinants recognized by the four MAb appear to be functionally independent in MAb OKT3-induced T cell proliferation, since the inhibitory effect of the combination of MAb CR10-343 and Q5/6 and of the MAb CR11-462 and CR12-356 was additional but not synergistic. To compare the functional activity of HLA Class II determinants expressed by monocytes and by activated T cells in MAb OKT3-induced T cell proliferation, the effect of the four MAb on MAb OKT3-induced T cell proliferation in a monocyte-dependent and in a monocyte-free system was studied. Dose-response and proliferation kinetics studies showed that the four MAb display a similar inhibitory effect on MAb OKT3-induced T cell proliferation in a monocyte-free system. These results suggest fine differences in the role played by monocyte- and T cell-bound HLA Class II determinants in the regulation of MAb OKT3-induced T cell proliferation. This functional heterogeneity may enhance the flexibility of HLA Class II antigens to mediate cell-cell interactions involved in the proliferative response to a variety of mitogenic stimuli

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