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From trash to resource: recovered-Pd from spent Three-Way Catalysts as precursor of an effective photo-catalyst for H2production

By Valentina Gombac, Tiziano Montini, Andrea Falqui, Danilo Loche, Mirko Prato, Alessandro Genovese, Maria Laura Mercuri, Angela Serpe, P Fornasiero and Paola Deplano


The successful production of a nanostructured and highly dispersed Pd-TiO2 photo-catalyst, using [Pd(Me2dazdt)2](I3)2 (Me2dazdt = N,N′-dimethyl-perhydrodiazepine-2,3-dithione) salt, obtained through the selective and safe recovery of palladium from model exhaust three-way catalysts (TWCs), is reported here. The photo-catalyst prepared by the impregnation/photo-reduction of palladium on the support showed improved performance in H2 production from methanol and in glycerol photo-reforming compared to reference photo-catalysts obtained from conventional Pd-salts. The reported results represent a case of successful palladium "recovery and re-employment" and thus constitute an example of green chemistry by providing, in one route, the environmentally friendly recovery of a critical metal and its employment in the renewable energy field

Publisher: 'Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)'
Year: 2016
DOI identifier: 10.1039/C5GC02908B
OAI identifier:

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