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Geochemical drainage survey of central Argyll, Scotland

By J.S. Coats, B.C. Tandy and U.McL Michie


A reconnaissance geochemical drainage survey of\ud 720 km2 of Dalradian outcrop in central Argyll\ud identified base-metal anomalies in the Pyrite Zone,\ud Ardrishaig Phyllites, Loch Tay Limestone and the\ud Green Beds. Faulting and igneous intrusion\ud modified the distribution of metal content within\ud these formations. In the results of the reconnaissance\ud survey, copper reached maxima of 170 ppm\ud and 1454 ppm in stream sediments and panned\ud concentrates respectively; lead 1050 ppm and\ud 2595 ppm; zinc 2500 ppm and 1114 ppm; and\ud nickel 190 ppm and 998 ppm. Maximum contents\ud of cobalt, uranium and molybdenum in stream\ud sediments were 120 ppm, 11.8 ppm and 14 ppm\ud respectively, that of barium being 5.67 per cent in\ud panned concentrate.\ud Resampling and the investigation of anomalous\ud stream courses defined parts of Glen Fyne, the\ud Garabal Hill-Glen Fyne igneous complex, the\ud southerly outcrop of the Pyrite Zone, and the\ud Loch Tay Limestone as zones of base-metal\ud mineralisation in which further investigation is\ud recommended

Topics: Earth Sciences
Publisher: Institute of Geological Sciences
Year: 1982
OAI identifier:

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