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Mineral exploration in the Ravenstonedale area, Cumbria

By J.H. Bateson and A.D. Evans


Soil and stream sediment samples collected from fault zone and the already well-known (and to\ud an area of Lower Carboniferous rocks close to the some extent exploited) mineralisation adjacent to\ud Silurian unconformity were analysed for copper, this feature encouraged the investigation.\ud lead and zinc. Four areas of anomalous soils were The published descriptions of the geology of\ud recognised, at Stennerskeugh Clouds, Birkett the area indicate that the Carboniferous rocks were\ud Common, Crosby Garrett Fell and Windy Hill. deposited in an embayment bounded by the\ud VLF-EM and IP surveys at Stennerskeugh Clouds Askrigg Block to the south-west and the Alston\ud and Crosby Garrett Fell showed anomalies which Block to the north-east (Dakyns and others, 1891;\ud were attributed to the presence of shale bands in Garwood, 1913; Taylor, 1971).\ud the Carboniferous succession. Geophysical surveys The shallow marine environment in which\ud at Birkett Common, described in an earlier report, some of these sediments were deposited may have\ud suggested the presence of small mineralised resulted in the formation of lithological types\ud structures, but the geochemical and geophysical suitable as host rocks for mineralisation (sandstone/\ud results do not indicate the presence of mineralisa- conglomerates, bands of organic derived debris\ud tion of economic significance in the area. No etc.), offering further grounds for comparison with\ud follow-up investigations can be recommended some of the mineralisation of the Irish Carbonon\ud the basis of the results of the survey

Topics: Earth Sciences
Publisher: Institute of Geological Sciences
Year: 1982
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