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Metalliferous mineralisation near Lutton, Ivybridge, Devon

By K.E. Beer, M.J. Bennett, T.K. Ball, R.C. Jones and K. Turton


To the north-west of Slade Hall localised uranium\ud and base metal mineralisation has been traced by\ud radiometric and geochemical soil surveys. It is\ud confmed to two narrow structures in a fault zone\ud trending NW-SE and at surface it has a strike\ud length of no more than 200 m. Percussive drilling\ud down to the shallow water table indicated\ud persistence of the secondary metalliferous minerals\ud but narrow diameter cored drilling failed to intersect\ud any recognisable well-mineralised structure at\ud a depth of only 50 m. It remains uncertain whether\ud a small ore shoot exists below the surface\ud anomalies; if so, it must be presumed to pitch\ud south-eastwards.\ud Only oxidised, and possibly enriched, mineralisation\ud has been sampled; this yielded a little\ud cassiterite, sphalerite, pyrite, pyrrhotite and\ud covellite, abundant hydrated iron and manganese\ud oxides with adsorbed uranium, lead, bismuth, zinc,\ud copper and arsenic, and flakes of secondary\ud uranium and silver minerals. Radiometry confirmed\ud gross uranium disequilibrium

Topics: Earth Sciences
Publisher: Institute of Geological Sciences
Year: 1981
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  1. 0.11 0.08 Sn Pb Zn Cu Negative correlation factors in italics
  2. 1 APPENDIX I (contd.) North of Iane outcrop;
  3. 32 t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t
  4. 32- 9.32 u Approximate content in ppm Th Pb Bi W % Core Recovery I t I t t I t t I I t t t t t I t t t t APPENDIX III (contd.) Collection No. Depth (metres)
  5. 62 to 91.22 m, are interbedded with the tuffs. From 91.22 m to the base of the hole the rock is vesicular, the vesicles being fiIled by a green (chloritic?) mineral End of borehole 92.67 m
  6. 8 APPENDIX I (contd.) South of Iane outcrop; ā€˜Cā€™ horizon samples Sample No.
  7. 88 to 90.02 m and at 90.56 m. Two slate bands, at 90.02 to 90.32 and
  8. 89.5 Values in parentheses determined on splits crushed in an agate mortar %
  9. Ce PPm Ba PPm Sb PPm Sn PPm Pb PPm Zn PPm , cu PPm CaS Ni PPm Fe% Mn% w w Ta% MO As u & PPm PPm PPm PPm ;: ii i >lOSi >lOOO >lOiii : f ; I x : u u u _ - n m m m APPENDIX IV (contd.) Element Sample No. doi
  10. ferruginous clay. Disseminated pyrite is conspicuous in the basal 1.75 m 11.58 16.50 Upper Devonian Slate Major core loss between 16.50 and
  11. m Overburden Fragments of weathered greenstone Greenstone Weathered and well jointed greenstone. Some of the joints show marginal development of secondary amphibole and many are filled by
  12. ND = not detected APPENDIX V ELEMENTAL STATISTICS AND CORRELATION MATRIX FOR BH Ll SAMPLES Elemental Statistics Element Range Mean Value Standard Deviation Ce 29-288 ppm 138 76 Ba
  13. Range Cu Mean Cu S.D.
  14. (1973). Uranium mineralisation in northern Scotland, Wales, the Midlands and southwest England.

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