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[[alternative]]Health Tourism Resources Platform Constructed for Diabetic Patients

By 鄭雅文 and Ya-Wen Cheng


[[abstract]]台灣地理環境特殊,擁有豐富多元的自然及人文資源,近年來政府致力於國內觀光業發展,不僅刺激了境外觀光收益,國民旅遊的人數也逐年上升。依據交通部觀光局統計,2011-2012年間國民旅遊人次已超過1.5億人次(交通部觀光局,2013),但對於特殊族群的旅遊,仍充滿許多阻礙與限制。糖尿病患因血糖控制問題,旅遊阻礙較常人高,因此行前旅遊資訊取得的便利性更顯得重要。基於以上背景,本研究目的為 (一)探討糖尿病患之旅遊需求與阻礙;(二)整理與分析糖尿病患旅遊風險知識;(三)建置一旅遊健康資源平台,以提供糖尿病患在規劃旅遊行程時,針對需求挑選適合場所。研究採結構型問卷,以立意取樣於台北及中壢三家家醫科診所收集,並於兩個網路上的糖尿病友社團收集問卷,共發出166份問卷,有效回收150份,回收率為90%。分析方法採描述性統計平均數分析,依平均數及標準差排序,並進一步運用四象限分析糖尿病患之旅遊需求與結構性阻礙。根據問卷結果,發現受訪者內在阻礙構面為最高,其次人際間阻礙,結構性阻礙為最低。顯示旅遊過程中受訪者最擔心自己的健康狀況會造成別人的麻煩以及沒有足夠的體能。旅遊需求方面,以資源需求為最大,其次為設施需求,空間需求為最低。顯示因應疾病的特殊需求,受訪者希望旅遊場所可以提供符合糖尿病需求的軟體設施。使用四象限分析的結果顯示屬於高需求高阻礙的指標為「燈光及動線」、「糖尿病餐飲」、「緊急求救鈴」、「緊急醫療系統」、「空間寬敞」、「接駁車」、「血糖機」與「服務人員協助」,均為糖尿病患旅遊時,急迫需要之資訊。本研究依此結果做為建置專屬糖尿病患旅遊健康平台的內容,且因應國人使用智慧型手機上網搜尋資訊比例日益增高,本平台建置主要以滿足行動裝置使用為主,平台之網頁伺服器採用Apache Server,程式語言使用PHP、Javascript、CSS、XML與jQuery Mobile等編寫。內容方面呈現糖尿病患最主要之旅遊需求與阻礙資訊,供病患及家屬針對個別需求搜尋適合的旅遊場所,提供糖尿病患個健康且安全的旅遊環境。[[abstract]]Taiwan is a beautiful island because its unique geology and topography have created countless attractive landscapes and alluring coastal scenes. Domestic tourism has grown up in recent years. According to the statistics from Tourism Bureau, residents logged 150 million person-trips for leisure purposes in 2011 and 2012 (Tourism Bureau, 2013). However, for special populations’ tourism, it is still full of many obstacles and limitations.Blood glucose management is always an issue for diabetics, the accessibility of relevant information becomes important in trip consideration. In order to facilitate travelling needs of the diabetes and their relatives, the objectives of this study are (i) to explore the need and obstacles specific to diabetes (ii) to analyze risks; (iii) to establish a health information platform for diabetes as travelling reference. Structural questionnaire was adopted and collected from 3 clinics located at Taipei and Chungli as well as 2 online diabetes communities. 166 questionnaires distributed in total and 150 valid questionnaires were returned. The response rate is 90%. Responses were permutated based on the mean and standard deviation in Descriptive average analysis. Furthermore, and the four quadrant analysis was employed in order to review the travel constraint and need in diabetes.According to the result of survey, patient intrinsic constraint is the major concern followed by social and structural constraint. Patient own health condition and body stamina are the core consideration during travelling as it may cause inconvenience to others. In aspect of traveling need, availability of resources was more important than facility and space. This indicates respondents would like to have tourist spot that able to provide standard accessible facility specific to diabetes.Result from the four quadrant analysis showed the provision of lighting and indication, diet for diabetes, emergency alert and medical facility such as blood-glucose meter, availability of spatial area, feeder transportation and site service personnel are critical information for diabetes during travelling.Because of extensive use of smart communication device for web-browsing, the Information Spot is available on mobile device. Webpages will be constructed on Apache Server by the application of PHP、Javascript、CSS、XML and jQuery Mobile.Vital travelling determination and hindrance will be given to diabetes and their relatives as reference for destination consideration. In this case, diabetes can enjoy a healthier and safer trip. In interpersonal constraints shows the main reason is there are no suitable companion for traveling. The three main reasons of structure constraints are availability of spacious and lighting system. The primary dimension of travel constraints is the intrapersonal constraint, and the secondary is the structure constraint. For the travel needs, the three main reasons of structure constraints are availability of spacious and lighting system, diet for diabetes, and emergency rescue equipment.The health tourism resources platform constructed for diabetic patients is based on the result of the questionnaire. It provides information for diabetic patients and their family when they travel. Not only does it suggest suitable places, but it also gives them a health and secure environment

Topics: 旅遊資源;旅遊健康;糖尿病患旅遊;糖尿病;旅遊健康資源平台, Tourism Resources;Travel Health;Diabetic Tourism;Diabetes Mellitus;Health Tourism Resources Platform, [[classification]]16
Publisher: 國立台北護理健康大學旅遊健康研究所
Year: 2014
OAI identifier: oai:NTUNHSIR:987654321/3421
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