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[[alternative]]A Study of Stress, Learned Resourcefulness and Caregiver Burden among Primary Caregivers of Schizophrenic Adolescents

By 林寬佳 and Shih-Hua Wang


[[abstract]]本研究之目的為探討青少年精神分裂症病患主要照顧者,運用習得智謀緩解承擔病患治療活動壓力、與重大生活事件壓力對照顧負荷之影響。自精神專科醫院門診招募81名青少年精神分裂症病患之主要照顧者,依結構式問卷採橫斷式研究,面對面訪談收集資料並以階層式複迴歸分析資料。主要照顧者中有九成為病患之父母,平均47.9歲(SD=7.7),七成具高中學歷。研究結果顯示主要照顧者所承擔病患治療活動之壓力、重大生活事件壓力與習得智謀之交互作用為照顧負荷之重要預測變項,共有效解釋照顧負荷24.5%的變異量(F(下标 (5, 75))=6.20, p<0.01)。承擔病患治療活動壓力與重大生活事件壓力越大其照顧負荷感越重;主要照顧者所承擔病患之治療活動壓力仍是影響照顧負荷之最主要因素。習得智謀與重大生活事件壓力具交互作用,習得智謀能緩解重大生活事件壓力對照顧負荷之影響。青少年精神分裂症病患主要照顧者,應發展並運用壓力因應策略,以提升處理生活壓力及承擔病患治療活動之壓力。[[abstract]]The purpose of this study was to examine the moderating effects of learned resourcefulness on the relationships between stressful life events, psychiatric care activities, and the burden faced by primary caregivers of schizophrenic adolescents. A total of 81 primary caregivers (M=47.9 years) were interviewed and completed questionnaires at a certain point in time. Hierarchical regression analyses were used to examine the moderating effects of learned resourcefulness. Results showed that 24.5% of the variance (F(subscript (5, 75))=6.20, p<.001) in primary caregivers' burden was explained by the variable of psychiatric care activities and the interaction between the stressful life events and learned resourcefulness. The learned resourcefulness moderated the adverse effects of stressful life events on primary caregivers' burden. The variable of psychiatric care activities, moreover, still had a direct negative effect on caregivers' burden. The results of this study suggest that nursing interventions which focus on teaching and reinforcing the skills of resourcefulness, may help caregivers to cope with stressful life experiences and buffer the caregivers' burden

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Publisher: 國立臺北護理健康大學護理系
Year: 2014
OAI identifier: oai:NTUNHSIR:987654321/3130
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