Quantum singular complete integrability


International audienceWe consider some perturbations of a family of pairwise commuting linear quantum Hamiltonians on the torus with possibly dense pure point spectra. We prove that the Rayleigh-Schrödinger perturbation series converge near each unperturbed eigenvalue under the form of a convergent quantum Birkhoff normal form. Moreover the family is jointly diagonalised by a common unitary operator explicitly constructed by a Newton type algorithm. This leads to the fact that the spectra of the family remain pure point. The results are uniform in the Planck constant near $\hbar= 0$. The unperturbed frequencies satisfy a small divisors condition %(Bruno type condition (including the Diophantine case) and we explicitly estimate how this condition can be released when the family tends to the unperturbed one

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This paper was published in HAL-Polytechnique.

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