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On Small and Big Stories of the Quotidian: The Commonplace and the Extraordinary in Narrative Inquiry

By Liz Stanley


Hanover\ud Cape Colony\ud Feb 13/01\ud Dear Mat,\ud I was ever so glad to get your letter & the photo. I haven‘t got a photo I can send you here but I‘ll send you one ―when the War is over‖ & I can go any where & post anything… I have hired an empty room in a house here, & put in a stretcher & a table, & do my cooking on a spirit lamp, & I & my little dog Neta live together… One just waits week after week… Drop me a line soon. I hope Mr Censor will letter [sic] this letter through.\ud Good bye,\ud Olive Schreiner\ud (OS to Alf Mattison, Cory MS16 098 / 3)\ud Introduction\ud The above letter was written in February 1901, in a small village under martial law in an up-country area of the Northern Cape area of South Africa, by Olive Schreine

Topics: H1, HN, HT
Publisher: University of Huddersfield
Year: 2010
OAI identifier: oai:eprints.hud.ac.uk:9574

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