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Pesticide run-off study at ADAS Rosemaund: report of years 2 to 4 - Autumn 1989 to Spring 1991

Topics: Agriculture and Soil Science, Hydrology
Publisher: Institute of Hydrology
Year: 1991
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  52. The 2-dinensional diagram for 27/12/90 showing the same wet zone 2 months after FIG. 3. The top zone now has higher potentials (i.e. is wetter) but below 80 cm. the soil remains dry.
  53. The autosampler failed to trigger,and samples were taken after it was triggered" manually. 184 AUPONATTC MIER SAMPLES Table W11. S ri 1991. I roturon dime te Site 1 stream Date Time Rainfall Flcw rate* Isoproturcn (nn) (1/sec) ocnceTtation (pg/1)
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  65. vomer col s000ll Ov hoc. sersoralimmoomne Sublo.lis wet lot MOO erupes owingmai t' anotally Sall%

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