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Kinematic simulation for stably stratified and rotating turbulence\ud

By F. Nicolleau, G. Yu and J.C. Vassilicos


The properties of one-particle and particle-pair diffusion in rotating and stratified turbulence are studied by applying the rapid distortion theory (RDT) to a kinematic simulation (KS) of the Boussinesq equation with a Coriolis term.\ud \ud Scalings for one- and two-particle horizontal and vertical diffusions in purely rotating turbulence are proposed for small Rossby numbers.\ud \ud Particular attention is given to the locality-in-scale hypothesis for two-particle diffusion in purely rotating turbulence both in the horizontal and the vertical directions. It is observed that both rotation and stratification decrease the pair diffusivity and improve the validity of the locality-in-scale hypothesis. In the case of stratification the range of scales over which the locality-in-scale hypothesis is observed is increased.\ud \ud It is found that rotation decreases the diffusion in the horizontal direction as well as, though to a much lesser extent, in the vertical direction. \ud \u

Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Year: 2008
OAI identifier: oai:eprints.whiterose.ac.uk:3655

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