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X=Y–ZH compounds as potential 1,3-dipoles. Part 64: Synthesis of highly substituted conformationally restricted and spiro nitropyrrolidines via Ag(I) catalysed azomethine ylide cycloadditions

By R. Grigg, C. Kilner, M.A.B. Sarker, C. Orgaz de la Cierva and H.A. Dondas


1,3-Dipolar reactions of imines of both acyclic and cyclic α-amino esters with a range of nitroolefins using a combination of AgOAc or Ag2O with NEt3 are described. In most cases the reactions were highly regio- and stereospecific and endo-cycloadducts were obtained in good yield. However, in a few cases the initially formed cycloadducts underwent base catalysed epimerisation. The stereochemistry of the cycloadducts was assigned from NOE data and established unequivocally in several cases by X-ray crystallography.\ud \u

Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Year: 2008
OAI identifier:

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