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Micro-scale flow on naturally occurring and engineered functional surfaces

By P.H. Gaskell, Y.C. Lee, H.M. Thompson, D.R. Emerson and X.J. Gu


The deposition and controlled flow of continuous thin\ud liquid film droplets on surfaces containing complex microscale\ud surface patterning (either man-made or naturally\ud occurring) plays a key part in numerous engineering and\ud biologically related fields. For example, in an engineering\ud context, complex surface patterning is present in processes\ud involving printing/photolithography [1] and the application\ud of precision protective coatings [2]; in biological systems\ud they occur in such diverse areas as plant disease control [3],\ud in redistribution of lung linings in respiratory systems [4],\ud and in sustaining life itself, as in the unusual case of the\ud Namibian desert beetle which drinks by harvesting morning mists [5] -- the mist condenses on hydrophilic\ud bumps on its upper surface to form larger droplets which\ud then roll down waxy hydrophobic channels between the\ud bumps to reach the beetle's mouth

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