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Derivation of a dynamic model of the kinetics\ud of nitrogen uptake throughout the growth of\ud lettuce : calibration and validation

By Kefeng Zhang and Ian G. Burns


A kinetic model of nitrogen (N) uptake throughout growth was developed for lettuce\ud cultivated in nutrient solution under varying natural light conditions. The model couples\ud nitrogen uptake with dry matter accumulation using a two-compartment mechanistic\ud approach, incorporating structural and non-structural pools. Maximum nitrogen uptake\ud rates are assumed to decline with shoot dry weight, to allow for the effects of plant\ud age. The model was parameterized using data from the literature, and calibrated for\ud differences in light intensity using an optimization algorithm utilizing data from three\ud experiments in different growing seasons. The calibrated model was validated against\ud the data from two independent experiments conducted under different light conditions.\ud Results showed that the model made good predictions of nitrogen uptake by plants from\ud seedlings to maturity under fluctuating light levels in a glasshouse. Plants grown at a\ud higher light intensity showed larger maximum nitrogen uptake rates, but the effect of\ud light intensity declined towards plant maturity

Topics: QK
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
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