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Local rigidity of infinite-dimensional Teichmüller spaces

By A. (Alastair) Fletcher


This paper presents a rigidity theorem for infinite-dimensional Bergman spaces of hyperbolic Riemann surfaces, which states that the Bergman space $A^{1}(M)$, for such a Riemann surface $M$, is isomorphic to the Banach space of summable sequence, $l^{1}$. This implies that whenever $M$ and $N$ are Riemann surfaces that are not analytically finite, and in particular are not necessarily homeomorphic, then $A^{1}(M)$ is isomorphic to $A^{1}(N)$. It is known from V. Markovic that if there is a linear isometry between $A^{1}(M)$ and $A^{1}(N)$, for two Riemann surfaces $M$ and $N$ of non-exceptional type, then this isometry is induced by a conformal mapping between $M$ and $N$. As a corollary to this rigidity theorem presented here, taking the Banach duals of $A^{1}(M)$ and $l^{1}$ shows that the space of holomorphic quadratic differentials on $M,\ Q(M)$, is isomorphic to the Banach space of bounded sequences, $l^{\infty }$. As a consequence of this theorem and the Bers embedding, the Teichmüller spaces of such Riemann surfaces are locally bi-Lipschitz equivalent

Topics: QA
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 2006
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