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Iteration of order preserving subhomogeneous maps on a cone

By Marianne Akian, S. Gaubert, Bas Lemmens and Roger D. Nussbaum


We investigate the iterative behaviour of continuous order preserving subhomogeneous maps $f: K\,{\rightarrow}\, K$, where $K$ is a polyhedral cone in a finite dimensional vector space. We show that each bounded orbit of $f$ converges to a periodic orbit and, moreover, the period of each periodic point of $f$ is bounded by \[ \beta_N = \max_{q+r+s=N}\frac{N!}{q!r!s!}= \frac{N!}{\big\lfloor\frac{N}{3}\big\rfloor!\big\lfloor\frac{N\,{+}\,1}{3}\big\rfloor! \big\lfloor\frac{N\,{+}\,2}{3}\big\rfloor!}\sim \frac{3^{N+1}\sqrt{3}}{2\pi N}, \] where $N$ is the number of facets of the polyhedral cone. By constructing examples on the standard positive cone in $\mathbb{R}^n$, we show that the upper bound is asymptotically sharp

Topics: QA
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 2006
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