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Regularity conditions and Bernoulli properties of equilibrium states and $g$-measures

By Peter Walters


When T : X -> X is a one-sided topologically mixing subshift of finite type and {varphi} : X -> R is a continuous function, one can define the Ruelle operator L{varphi} : C(X) -> C(X) on the space C(X) of real-valued continuous functions on X. The dual operator Formula always has a probability measure {nu} as an eigenvector corresponding to a positive eigenvalue (Formula = {lambda}{nu} with {lambda} > 0). Necessary and sufficient conditions on such an eigenmeasure {nu} are obtained for {varphi} to belong to two important spaces of functions, W(X, T) and Bow (X, T). For example, {varphi} isin Bow(X, T) if and only if {nu} is a measure with a certain approximate product structure. This is used to apply results of Bradley to show that the natural extension of the unique equilibrium state µ{varphi} of {varphi} isin Bow(X, T) has the weak Bernoulli property and hence is measure-theoretically isomorphic to a Bernoulli shift. It is also shown that the unique equilibrium state of a two-sided Bowen function has the weak Bernoulli property. The characterizations mentioned above are used in the case of g-measures to obtain results on the ‘reverse’ of a g-measure

Topics: QA
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 2005
OAI identifier:

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