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Harmonic diffeomorphisms of noncompact surfaces and Teichmüller spaces

By V. (Vladimir) Markovic


Let g : M -> N be a quasiconformal harmonic diffeomorphism between noncompact Riemann surfaces M and N. In this paper we study the relation between the map g and the complex structures given on M and N. In the case when M and N are of finite analytic type we derive a precise estimate which relates the map g and the Teichmüller distance between complex structures given on M and N. As a corollary we derive a result that every two quasiconformally related finitely generated Kleinian groups are also related by a harmonic diffeomorphism. In addition, we study the question of whether every quasisymmetric selfmap of the unit circle has a quasiconformal harmonic extension to the unit disk. We give a partial answer to this problem. We show the existence of the harmonic quasiconformal extensions for a large class of quasisymmetric maps. In particular it is proved that all symmetric selfmaps of the unit circle have a unique quasiconformal harmonic extension to the unit disk

Topics: QA
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 2002
OAI identifier: oai:wrap.warwick.ac.uk:783

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