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Making Public Health Nutrition relevant to evidence-based action \ud

By Eric Brunner, Mike Rayner, Margaret Thorogood, Barrie M. Margetts, Lee Hooper, Carolyn Summerbell, Elizabeth Dowler, Gillian Hewitt, Aileen Robertson and Martin Wiseman


Public health nutrition enjoyed many breakthroughs in the\ud 20th century – from the discovery of vitamins and the\ud metabolic roles of some 60 macro- and micronutrients, to\ud the effects of maternal and childhood diet on health over\ud the life course. Moreover, the food shortages in the UK that\ud were experienced during World War II gave the first\ud opportunity to show that nutritional science could make a\ud valuable contribution to public policy. However, public\ud health nutrition is now facing the challenge of deriving\ud recommendations based on systematically evaluated\ud evidence; that is, the new concept of evidence-based\ud nutrition. This challenge was foreseen by John Garrow\ud almost 10 years ago in his lucid editorial proposing the\ud formation of meta-analysis ‘clubs'

Topics: RA
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 2001
OAI identifier: oai:wrap.warwick.ac.uk:823

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