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Methods for reducing the cost of cementitious building components in developing countries, with particular reference to rainwater harvesting

By Gwilym T. Still


Cementitious building components, although widely used in low-income countries, are too expensive for many applications related to low-income housing.\ud This thesis explores three options for reducing component cost:\ud 1. Use of local fine aggregates, often with clay contamination, instead of low-fines sands transported from a distance.\ud 2. Improved designs, to achieve better material economy.\ud 3. Change of production environment, from on-site to component prefabrication followed by transport to site.\ud Water storage tanks for rainwater harvesting were used as the example for component design, and as a case-study for considering the effect of changing the production environment. The work showed that: \ud In some cases, use of local aggregates will give a cost saving of around 10%. \ud Improved design can give significant reduction in materials usage, of up to 40%.\ud Off-site prefabrication of components, followed by on-site assembly to produce the desired product, does not seem preferable to the prevelant practice of entirely on-site production from raw materials. However, factory-based manufacture of complete products, followed by transport to site, has a number of attractions over entirely on-site production.\ud Out of the three options examined, improved component design offers the greatest benefits for the case study considered

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