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Gravity wave turbulence in a laboratory flume

By Petr Denissenko, Sergei Lukaschuk and Sergey Nazarenko


We present an experimental study of the statistics of surface gravity wave turbulence in a flume of a horizontal size 12×6  m. For a wide range of amplitudes the wave energy spectrum was found to scale as Eω∼ω-ν in a frequency range of up to one decade. However, ν appears to be nonuniversal: it depends on the wave intensity and ranges from about 6 to 4. We discuss our results in the context of existing theories and argue that at low wave amplitudes the wave statistics is affected by the flume finite size, and at high amplitudes the wave breaking effect dominates

Topics: QA, QC
Publisher: American Physical Society
Year: 2007
OAI identifier:

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