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Unusual sensory experiences in people on the autism spectrum

By Carolyn Henshall


Past research has indicated that people diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum have unusual sensory experiences when compared with typically developing individuals (e. g., Tomchek & Dunn, 2007; Watling et al., 2001). However, an examination of the available evidence has revealed that little is known about either the nature or developmental course of these unusual sensory experiences (e. g., Leekam et al., 2007; O'Neill & Jones, 1997). The aim of this project is to investigate the patterns and developmental pathway of these unusual sensory experiences. \ud Chapter I reviews the published literature on the developmental pathway of unusual sensory experiences and highlights a need to identify patterns of sensory processing in people on the autism spectrum. Chapter 2 describes an empirical study that investigates patterns of these unusual sensory experiences. The results support previous research that indicates that children with ASD have co-existing patterns of hypo- and hyper-responsiveness. Chapter 3 presents a reflective account of the research process as a whole

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