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Psychological type and prayer preferences: a study among Anglican clergy in the United Kingdom

By Leslie J. Francis and Mandy Robbins


This study applies the framework of Jungian psychological type theory to define eight aspects of prayer preference, namely: introverted prayer, extraverted prayer, sensing prayer, intuitive prayer, feeling prayer, thinking prayer, judging prayer, and perceiving prayer. On the basis of data provided by 1,476 newly ordained Anglican clergy from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, eight 7-item scales were developed to access these aspects of prayer preferences. Significant correlations were found between each prayer preference and the relevant aspect of psychological type accessed by the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. These data support the theory that psychological type influences the way in which people pray

Topics: BR, BF
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2008
OAI identifier: oai:wrap.warwick.ac.uk:2864

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