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Characterization and regulation of serine exoproteases and collagenase in vibrio alginolyticus

By Patricia Hare


Bibliography: pages 143-167.The production of an extracellular collagenase and serine proteases by Vibrio alginolyticus during stationary phase was inhibited by a temperature shift from 30 to 37°C and by lack of oxygen. V. alginolyticus had identical growth rates at 30 and 37°C. Aeration did not affect the growth rate of stationary phase cells when the exoproteases were being produced. Macromolecular synthesis in stationary phase cells was not affected by temperature. The regulation of exoprotease production by temperature and oxygen is specific and has implications regarding the ecology of V. alginolyticus. The synthesis of a 100 000 molecular weight protein was induced in V. alginolyticus by either raising the temperature from 30 to 37°C, a lack of oxygen or (NH₄)₂SO₄. Histidine stimulated synthesis of a 52 000 molecular weight protein. The possibility that these proteins have a regulatory role in exoenzyme synthesis is discussed

Topics: Microbiology
Publisher: Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
Year: 1982
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