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Evaluation - the educational context

By Colin F. Macdougall


Evaluation comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be as\ud simple and as grounded in day to day work as a clinical\ud teacher refl ecting on a lost teaching opportunity and\ud wondering how to do it better next time or as complex,\ud top down and politically charged as a major government\ud led evaluation of use of teaching funds with the subtext\ud of re-allocating them. Despite these multiple spectra\ud of scale, perceived ownership, fi nancial and political\ud implications, the underlying principles of evaluation are\ud remarkably consistent. To evaluate well, it needs to be\ud clear who is evaluating what and why. From this will\ud come notions of how it needs to be done to ensure the\ud evaluation is meaningful and useful. This paper seeks to\ud illustrate what evaluation is, why it matters, where to\ud start if you want to do it and how to deal with evaluation\ud that is external and imposed

Topics: R1
Publisher: BMJ Group
Year: 2010
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