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Synthesis of reconfigurable multiplier blocks: part I: fundamentals

By Suleyman S. Demirsoy, Izzet Kale and Andrew G. Dempster


Reconfigurable Multiplier Blocks (ReMB) offer significant area, delay and possibly power reduction in time multiplexed\ud implementation of multiple constant multiplications. This paper and its companion paper (subtitled Part II- Algorithm) together present a systematic synthesis\ud method for Single Input Single Output (SISO) and Single\ud Input Multiple Output (SIMO) ReMB designs. This paper\ud presents the necessary foundation and terminology needed for\ud developing a systematic synthesis technique. The companion\ud paper illustrates the synthesis method through examples. The\ud method proposed achieves reduced logic-depth and area over\ud standard multipliers / multiplier blocks

Topics: UOW3
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
OAI identifier: oai:westminsterresearch.wmin.ac.uk:966
Provided by: WestminsterResearch

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