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Internet connection method for mobile ad hoc wireless networks

By Lei Xue


In recent years, wireless networks with Internet services have become more and\ud more popular. Technologies which integrate Internet and wireless networks have\ud extended traditional Internet applications into a more flexible and dynamic\ud environment. This research work investigates the technology that supports the\ud connection between a Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Network (MANET) and the\ud Internet, which enables the current wireless Internet technologies to provide a\ud ubiquitous wireless life style.\ud With detailed analysis of the existing wireless Internet technologies and\ud MANETs regarding their features and applications, the demand and lack of\ud research work for an application to provide Internet connection to MANET is\ud indicated. The primary difficulty for MANET and Internet connection is that the\ud dynamic features of MANET do not suit the traditional connection methods used\ud in infrastructure wireless networks. This thesis introduces new concept of the\ud 'Gateway Awareness' (GAW) to the wireless devices in the MANET. GAW is a\ud new routing protocol designed by the author of this thesis, at the University of\ud Warwick. Based on GAW, an inclusive definition for the connection method,\ud which supports the Internet connection and keeps the independency of routing in\ud MANET, is addressed. Unlike other research work, this method supports the\ud MANET and Internet communication in both directions. Furthermore, it explores\ud possible ways of using the Internet as an extension for wireless communications.\ud The GAW routing method is developed from destination sequenced distance\ud vector (DSDV) routing protocol. However, it defines a layer of wireless nodes\ud (known as GAWNs) with exclusive functions for the Internet connection task.\ud The layer of GAWNs brings a new set of route update and route selection\ud method. Simulations show that the GAW routing method provides quality\ud Internet connection performance in different scenarios compared with other\ud methods. In particular, the connection is completed with minimum effect on the\ud independent MANET while the routing efficiency and accuracy is guaranteed

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