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Jet noise : aeroacoustic distribution of a subsonic co-axial jet

By Amit Kiran


The noise generated by aircraft can be easily heard by those living under the flight path of passenger or cargo carriers. It is considered an environmental pollutant\ud and is treated as such by the International Civil Aviation Organization\ud (ICAO) who monitor and review noise levels. The ICAO imposes substantial\ud fines on those carriers who do not adhere to the decibel limitations. With the\ud new limit or `stage' enforced in 2006, aircraft manufacturers (including jet engine\ud manufacturers) are seeking ways to reduce the noise created by an aircraft.\ud A 1/150th scale model, based on the exit geometry typically found on commercial\ud jet engines, was designed and manufactured at Warwick. The laboratory\ud jet flow conditions operated at 0.7 Mach. The work presented in this thesis\ud looks at the noise generated in a subsonic, co-\ud owing jet, with particular focus\ud given to the distribution sound sources from 5 kHz to 80 kHz (0.375 St to 6.0 St).\ud An acoustic mirror mounted on a motorized 3-way traverse measured radiated\ud sound in the co-flowing jet to produce 2D sound source maps. This is done using\ud combinations of smooth cowl and chevrons for the core and bypass nozzles. For\ud frequencies less than 30 kHz, a reduction of noise was observed using the bypass\ud chevron nozzle compared with the bypass smooth cowl nozzle.\ud Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) was used to reveal the 2D \ud flow dynamics of\ud the jet, supporting the acoustic distribution results with velocity profiles of the flow. The change in the flow dynamics with different nozzle combinations is discussed\ud and different regions of the flow were identified

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