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An examination of ethnic identity : a case study of 'second generation' Irish people in Birmingham

By Philip A. McCarvill


This thesis examines the forms of identity which are adopted by individuals who\ud were born in Birmingham with at least one parent who had been born in Northern\ud Ireland or the Republic of Ireland and the processes of identity formation which give\ud life to these identities.\ud This thesis places the identity and experiences of the research population within the\ud context of the Anglo-Irish historical relationship, political situation in Northern Ireland\ud and the events surrounding the 'Birmingham Pub Bombings'. It also positions the\ud group in relation to recent academic debates regarding race, ethnicity and 'dominant\ud group identity'. It is intended that this thesis will represent a contribution to these\ud debates and to the understanding of Irish experience in Britain.\ud The fieldwork phase of the project was conducted in Birmingham and consisted of\ud two distinct, yet overlapping stages. Firstly, a survey of the research population\ud using questionnaires which were distributed to potential respondents by a series of\ud 'gatekeepers'. This provided data and served as a filter to stage two. Secondly,\ud fifteen semi-structured, in-depth qualitative interviews with members of the cohort

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OAI identifier: oai:wrap.warwick.ac.uk:3974

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