Measurement of the gamma W boson decaying to muon-neutrino-photon cross section, limits on anomalous trilinear vector boson couplings, and the radiation amplitude zero in proton-antiproton collisions at center of mass energy = 1.96 TeV


This thesis details the measurement of the pp¯ → W gamma + X → munugamma + X cross section at s = 1.96 TeV using the DO detector at Fermilab, in 134.5 pb -1 of integrated luminosity. From the photon E T spectrum limits on anomalous couplings of the photon to the W are obtained. At 95% confidence level, limits of -1.05 < Deltakappa < 1.04 for lambda = 0 and -0.28 <lambda < 0.27 for Deltakappa = 0 are obtained on the anomalous coupling parameters. The charge signed rapidity difference from the data is displayed, and its significance discussed

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