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New miners in the Ruhr : rebuilding the workforce in the Ruhr mines, 1945-1958

By Mark Roseman


In 1945, the Ruhr pits faced enormous gaps in the workforce as a result of\ud wartime losses and pre-war difficulties in recruiting young labour. Regenerating\ud the workforce was the key to reviving Ruhr coal production and thus to German\ud and Western European economic recovery. Between 1945 and the onset of the\ud coal crisis in 1958, the Ruhr mines were to hire over a million men. Using\ud archival materials, private papers, contemporary printed sources and\ud interviews, the thesis analyses the measures undertaken to win new labour for\ud the Ruhr and the attempts to turn the newcomers into productive and settled\ud miners.\ud After an introductory section, the study looks at the degree to which workforce\ud regeneration was achieved in the pre-currency reform era. The underlying\ud theme is that the pre-1948 economy proved in many ways to be an uncontrolled\ud economy. Despite the enormous priority given to the task, the British initially\ud failed to rebuild the workforce. With US help, they achieved a breakthrough in\ud 1946-47, but the enterprise remained extremely costly and inefficient. These\ud problems resulted from weaknesses inherent in any controlled economy but\ud also from tensions and contradictions in British and later Bipartite rule.\ud The second half of the thesis considers the policies of the 1948-58 period and\ud argues that they were just as unsuccessful in regenerating the mining workforce.\ud Neither a stable nor a compliant workforce was created and in desperation the\ud industry began to turn to foreign labour. One reason for failure was the Federal\ud Government's slowness in responding to the mines' need for housing\ud investment. Another reason was that the established management style in the\ud Ruhr mines alienated many newcomers. The employers' attitudes to\ud management, integration and the labour market were stuck in a pre-war mould.\ud This study contributes to our understanding of a number of different features of\ud the reconstruction, notably the origins and limitations of the 'economic\ud miracle', the impact of and response to the enormous population mobility after\ud the war and the hopes and fears with which Germany's bourgeoisie entered the\ud post-war era. Ultimately, however, the theme running through the study is the\ud enormous and unique challenge that faced any organisation trying to create a\ud stable and productive workforce in the mines

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  254. miner 370 periods of unemployment. Beyond making the workers 'krisenfest' there was the longer term hope that giving them the chance to own property would enhance their self-esteem and their integration into society.
  255. Mining thus found itself in a similar position to the 1948-1951 period. Then as now, the controlled coal price deprived it of the resources it needed. Whereas prior to 1951 the major problem had been finding capital for investment.
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  296. signed Dr.Herwegen, 25.4.1946. At the beginning of 1947. refugees were already by far the biggest group amongst the mining apprentices haUlng from outside the Ruhr. See OBADA 16301/969/47. ABB. Circular to colllery managements and labour exchanges.
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  300. suppressed by the autarchy drive. war and reconstruction - was beginning to reemerge.
  301. table 'AufteUung des Abganges nach GrOnden -Arbeiter insgesamt. Ruhr' and same for workers underground. Figures untll 1954 include deaths at work. which averaged about 1.000 a year.
  302. Table 17: Age structure of underground workforce (cohorts as %1 4 ~ ~ liM:Q ]Jill liMB .liMa ~ .llru ~ ~ li!QZ CQhQrl 16-24 1l.3 15.39
  303. Table 19: Age structure of Heisingen intakel ~ PrQ12QrtiQn Qf wQrkfQr~e in fQIlQwin" a"e ~a1e"Qrie~ (O4); :.l8
  304. (1949). Table 20; Fonner profession of new miners in % 1 ~ unskilled skilled white Agric. Industrial total engineerg. other total collar & buildg.
  305. (1952). That sort of thing went down well with the state. After a visit to the Ruhr in October
  306. The Americans saw the strength of the opposition to the programme as a sign that vested interests were being undennined. Certainly, there was anxiety that 6 provision of fridges. for example. would force other builders to do likewise.
  307. (1952). the article 'ObJektlve und subJekUve Berufsnot der Jugend', lriformattonsRundbriej zur sozialen Lage der Jugend.
  308. the calls for the mines' reception camp in Bochum Hlltrop to be closed. BBA 32,741, Minutes ofOtrectors'
  309. (1954). The Friedrich Krupp Bergwerke being a notable example, see Gee.Verb.
  310. (1956). The gap between the Ruhr's tariffs and those of its competitors began to decrease as a result of underlying changes in world energy supply. Between
  311. (1956). The pressure was on the state to offer more substantial relief.
  312. (1948). the Reconstruction Ministry. laid down that every house should have a vegetable garden and an integral stall. he did so not only to meet the wishes of the established miners, but also explicitly to help root the newcomers in local sol1.
  313. (1945). The reluctant elite 268 expanded. In
  314. The reluctant elite 277 The eagnerness of these administrations was a reminder that both Mines' Inspectorate and Labour Administration had been involved from the 1920's in the formulation and development of the apprenticeship strategy.
  315. the Ruhr's long-term competltiveness problem - apparent in the 1920's but then 1 Bahl. Staatltche Politik. p.SI: Abelshauser, 'Kohle und Marktwirtschaft',
  316. the two newspaper reports above and 'Neubergleute nicht mehr gefragt. Ole Wunde des Ruhrgeblets: 15,000 Arbeltslose', Welt am Sonntag,
  317. The works newspaper of the GBAG's Hamborn Group, for instance, bemoaned the passing of the 'in sich geschlossenen, hannonischen und von Berufsethos 5 erfullten Menschen' of past generations. The miner of the past was a man at 1 HStaD
  318. (1949). there had in fact been few school leavers to take on. because several Uinder introduced in that year a 9th school class in order to limit youth 1 See chapter 6,
  319. (1948). These images reoccur In countless other places. In
  320. Thus at the same time as Senft from the Gruppe Hamborn was one of the 1 HStaO Kalkum BA Duisburg 181, Memo from Inspektton II. (Gruppe Hambom).
  321. to mining companies and collieries 19.3.1948.
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  323. Urn Arbeit und auch Heimat hier zu finden Und altern Stamm uns gliicklich zu verbinden. An even more theatrical attempt to emphasise th1s continuity with the past and to celebrate the steadfastness of the miner was a ceremony at the
  324. V 102 to mining company directors,
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  331. (1950). was well above the average for the following period. One reason for the increase in that year seems to have been the modest improvement in Knappschaft payments in mid-1949 which made both miners and employers more willing to consider retirement.
  332. (1947). Wasta2e under2round due to unfitness for mining work (excluding old
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