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Creative involution : overcoming man : becoming-woman

By Jane-Ann Crawford


The thesis is written in the pursuit of true difference. Its contention is that true\ud difference has been obscured by a model of difference which is dialectical in nature.\ud Western thought has been largely informed by a metaphysic in which difference has\ud been subordinated to the One and the Identical and which can only ever return as the\ud Same.\ud In utilising the writings of Foucault, Deleuze, Deleuze-Nietzsche, Deleuze-Bergson\ud and Bergson, this thesis strives to find for a new image of thought, that can go beyond\ud representation through which true difference can be known.\ud The thesis is framed in the context of the problematic of 'the death of man' as that\ud which Foucault formulates as eternally returning as the Same. Foucault raises the\ud question of Man's disappearance and in doing so also opens up the question of what\ud might come after Man. It will be argued, that what comes after man, that which\ud Nietzsche has named the Overman, is the becoming-woman of man.\ud The aim is to show that becoming-woman, once freed from the representational\ud system, can be thought of as an active, affirmative death through which difference can\ud be thought in-itself as the continual movement of vital life The nature of a\ud Becoming-woman is, in turn, framed in the context of Deleuze's search for difference\ud in-itself and, Bergson's philosophy of nature.\ud It will be argued, in conclusion, that becoming-woman is the rebirth of the eternal\ud return of difference which, in man, reaches into the consciousness of self

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