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Measuring attitude towards Buddhism and Sikhism : internal consistency reliability for two new instruments

By Phra Nicholas Thanissaro


This paper describes and discusses the development and empirical properties of two new\ud 24-item scales – one measuring attitude toward Buddhism and the other measuring attitude\ud toward Sikhism. The scale is designed to facilitate inter-faith comparisons within the\ud psychology of religion alongside the well-established Francis Scale of Attitude toward\ud Christianity. Data were obtained from a multi-religious sample of 369 school pupils aged\ud between 13 and 15 in London. Application of the two scales demonstrated that adolescents\ud had a more positive attitude to Buddhism than Sikhism. The findings confirm the reliability\ud of the scales and commend them for further use

Topics: BF, BL, BQ
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2011
OAI identifier:

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