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A comparison of Richard Wagner's Der ring des Nibelungen and William Morris's Sigurd the volsung

By Jane Susanna Ennis


The thesis compares the text of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen with\ud the epic poem Sigurd the Volsung by William Morris.\ud \ud Chapter I begins with an outline of the question under discussion, namely, whether Sigurd the Volsung could have been written as an anti-ring. The rest of the thesis discusses various questions of interpretation which may help towards an answer to this question. Chapter II is devoted to a discussion of the sources in mediaeval literature of the Ring and Sigurd the Volsung , while Chapters III and IV discuss the poetic diction and imagery used by Wagner and Morris in their poems, examining the differences and similarities between the poetic devices used; special attention is paid to the use of metaphor. Chapters V to IX examine in closer detail the\ud presentation of the chief characters in the Ring and Sigurd, while Chapter X, the final chapter, sums up what has been presented in the previous chapters and concludes\ud that there is considerable evidence in favour of the hypothesis that Sigurd was written as an anti-Ring

Publisher: School of Languages Cultures and Societies (Leeds)
Year: 1993
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