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The development and structure of Libyan television broadcasting, 1968-1995

By Jouma Mohamed Elfotaysi


Libya, as one of the main Arab States, was once inhabited by Arab Bedouins and farmers. It was a poor country and experienced underdeveloped economic, political and social circumstances. It is a country which, until the discovery of petroleum in the 1960s, developed slowly over centuries because it had few resources available for advanced growth. This forced Libya to delay the establishment and development of its broadcast media (particularly\ud television) until 1968. Libya has since developed into a modern State, thanks largely to its oil resources and its considerable commercial attributes. In turn, this has brought about rapid changes in Libyan society and caused drastic transformations-from simple nomadic communities to a highly sophisticated society which affects all its economic, political, and social habits. Hence, the broadcast media, specifically television, now play an important role in serving Libyan society and contributes to its general national development.\ud \ud This thesis is devoted to investigating the verification, progress and structure of the Libyan broadcasting system; tracing the growth of broadcasting technology from its earliest arrival on Libyan soil, to the impact of previous and present national governments on the establishment and\ud development of the broadcasting system. Presenting the artistic and technical procedures of local programme production and the varying forms of daily television shows, it also analyses their content and presentation and gives\ud suggestions for further improvements. As such, it explores the historical development of broadcast regulations and their impact on present television broadcast guidelines. It also defines the structure and function of broadcast\ud administrations, including their departments, divisions, units and bureaux and subsequently, their roles in day to day transmission services. It is the first such study of its kind in Arabic and English

Publisher: School of Media and Communication (Leeds)
Year: 1996
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