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A history of the porcelain industry in Jingdezhen

By Michael Dillon


This study examines the history of the porcelain\ud industry in Jingdezhen from the Ming dynasty to the\ud present day, but with special emphasis on the Ming and\ud Qing periods. After a chronological survey of the\ud town's history from earliest times to 1949, various\ud aspects of the production and distribution of porcelain\ud are considered: the raw materials used and their\ud manufacture, transport and marketing, management and\ud labour,finance and overseas trade, and their significance\ud in the industry's development is assessed.\ud \ud Among the problems that are examined throughout\ud the study and in the conclusion are the reasons for the\ud establishment of the industry in Jingdezhen in the first\ud place, its great progress during the Ming dynasty and\ud failure to modernise in the late nineteenth and early\ud twentieth centuries, and the connections between economic\ud development, state involvement and technological progres

Publisher: East Asian Studies (Leeds)
Year: 1976
OAI identifier: oai:etheses.whiterose.ac.uk:924

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