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Economic development and the price level in Egypt, 1950-1962

By Hassan Mohamed Amin


This thesis on growth and the price level in Egypt,\ud is a case study of a country which is planning to enter\ud the take-off period at a time when a social and political\ud revolution is taking place. The period of study (1950-62)\ud covers a critical stage in the history of Egypt, since\ud it may be considered the transitional period in which the\ud country had to complete the structural changes necessary\ud for a dynamic economy. While in the earlier part of the\ud period of study, the economy was mainly based on the\ud principles of a free enterprise system, socialism emerged\ud in the later years, with the economy being subjected to\ud an overall plan. Thus, this study examines the functioning\ud of the various economic variables and their relationships\ud during such a stage of development and in view of such\ud social and political changes.\ud \ud Growth and the price level have been examined from\ud both demand and supply viewpoints. In chapter III, a picture\ud of the working of the external forces is given while\ud chapter V is devoted to explaining the evolution of the,\ud public sector which has undergone many changes in conformity\ud with the changes in the overall political and economic\ud objectives of the country. Sectoral growth is examined in\ud Chapter IV while Chapter Vi is concerned with the system\ud of price controls. Finally, Chapter VII summarises the\ud main conclusions reached as regards development and changes\ud in the price level in Egypt during the period 1950-62.\ud \ud An important contribution of this research is that\ud it collates and presents in a useful form a considerable\ud amount of statistical data on the Egyptian economy which\ud previously had not been easily available.\ud \u

Publisher: Leeds University Business School
Year: 1965
OAI identifier: oai:etheses.whiterose.ac.uk:966

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