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Ideologised foreign policy and the pragmatic rationale: The\ud case of Algeria under Houari Boumedienne, 1965-1978.

By Radia Kesseiri


The role of ideology in foreign policy making and implementation has been a subject of study by international relations specialists, especially during the period of the Cold War. The study of Algerian foreign policy under President Houari Boumedienne rule (1965-1978) makes a good\ud case study because of the particular role that ideology played in the making and implementation of foreign policy during this period. Other studies on Algeria's foreign policy have not directly addressed ideology and pragmatism as themes. The majority of these studies covered only parts\ud or aspects of this period, not taking it as a subject of their total focus.\ud \ud This study investigates the role ideology has played in the making and implementation of Algeria's foreign policy under President Houari Boumedienne's regime (1965-1978). It assesses the factors behind the ideological stances of the regime as well as the underlying causes behind the pragmatic foreign policy postures that the leadership adopted at that time.\ud \ud The study is divided into nine chapters. Chapter one presents a critical review of literature and outlines the research methodology adopted. Chapter two traces the historical background of the pre-Boumediennist era. Chapter three concentrates on the study of the state-level of analysis, it focuses on the domestic aspects of the Algerian decision-making process and seeks to give an\ud account of the ideological influences on Algeria's economic policy. Chapter four looks into President Houari Boumedienne's policy-making process towards the Maghrib. Chapter five is devoted to Algeria's position on inter-Arab politics, including the Palestinian Question. Chapter\ud six is a thorough analysis of Algeria's oil diplomacy. Chapters seven and eight examine Algeria's interaction with the Third World and its posture between East and West, respectively. The last chapter provides us with an insight into the impact of ideology on Boumedienne himself and on his decision making. This study believes that President Houari Boumedienne's ideological proclamations and pragmatic motivations were blurred. Although some policy\ud actions appeared to be ideologically motivated, they were, in fact, taken because they were considered to be in the best interest of the state and the regime in power.\ud \ud The study is based on a documentary analysis of available material in Arabic, French and English. This has been supplemented with a number of interviews with personalities who were close to President Houari Boumedienne

Publisher: Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies (Leeds)
Year: 2005
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