Bifurcation of space periodic solutions in symmetric reversible FDEs


In this paper, we propose an equivariant degree based method to study bifurcation of periodic solutions (of constant period) in symmetric networks of reversible FDEs. Such a bifurcation occurs when eigenvalues of linearization move along the imaginary axis (without change of stability of the trivial solution and possibly without $1:k$ resonance). Physical examples motivating considered settings are related to stationary solutions to PDEs with non-local interaction: reversible mixed delay differential equations (MDDEs) and integro-differential equations (IDEs). In the case of $S_4$-symmetric networks of MDDEs and IDEs, we present exact computations of full equivariant bifurcation invariants. Algorithms and computational procedures used in this paper are also included.Comment: 35 pages, 8 figure

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